Aargh !


OK so here's the deal, I do not have any inspiration to write about anything. In between being super busy at work and the little time I have left for life, I am just not inclined to write. And I have lots of things I want to write about. Remember my hype about the "People Series" thing that I got so excited about? Well I still want to do it and I have a list of people to research about, but I just can't get myself to sit down and do it ! I have no idea what is wrong with me from that point of view. Thing is when I get home all I want to do is eat something quick, shower and settle in bed with a book, oh yes I am overly obsessed with reading right now and wish I could just stay at home and read ! That of course is impossible. Which brings me to my next complaint.. I have lost all interest in cooking, I can't believe it ! My poor food blog, I haven't had anything to add to it in ages, which is why I have decided to take it down for now. And yes that means I'm back to eating microwave junk and take-out food. Ugh. But then I'm perfectly happy to do that, as long as I can get my ass to bed early and spend a good couple of hours reading. At the moment Shelfari has been my addiction, who knew interacting with other people about books could be so much fun? Oh and addicting. I have never had the opportunity to have discussions about books with anyone, ever since high school when we had to read books which we then discussed in class, but this is different, you can choose which books to read and heck you can even make suggestions, what more could you want. So now you know the reason behind my lack of posting. I am however pleased that I have been keeping up with my book blog, so far, and I have no plans whatsoever to drop it, like say the food blog. Still I have not been writing reviews as soon as I finish a book, but that's OK because I actually feel like I want to do it, and it's not because I keep putting it off and make up excuses to make myself feel better.

This is what, the fourth or fifth time that my blog has gone into an unexpected hiatus? Some people have been blogging for years, and they have dutifully done so without going blank for periods of times, but that apparently doesn't seem possible for me. You would think I have some problem with commitment, seeing how I get excited about it and then a couple of weeks down the line all the excitement has died down, until the next spurt. I wish I could understand this part of me !

Let's just hope that in the coming days I will get my motivation to blog back, and until then I will just continue to read, read and read. I even have lists of books to read, except the problem is my TO READ list keeps growing and growing much more than I can read. My lists include, the 100 Classic Books List, 1001 Books to read before you die, the Complete Stephen King Books list, and I can't forget about my Wishlist on Shelfari which at the moment has another 15 books, and the books I own which I have still to read. Aaaa why are there so many books in the world !!


ewe_will_write said...

Have you tried joining a foodie group to help inspire you with your food blog? That might help.

Avidan Apolskis said...

I did, but right now I just don't have time to make any decent food that's worth blogging about ! That pretty much means that all I have been eating is microwave stuff unless I eat out :-/