End of 2008


I can't believe 2008 is coming to an end already ! It seems like it was only yesterday that it started and all of a sudden it's ending.

So many things happened this year. After a slow start to the year I managed to get back on track and did much more than that. My personal life has been ten times better than previous years and I'm quite pleased about that. Work, eh not so much, but that's something I'm choosing to ignore for the time being. It's probably not the best approach either but I have given it so much thought and didn't come to any conclusion that I just want to leave it alone for now and see how things go, like going to bed at night and hoping that in the morning everything will be fixed.

I thought about making a list of resolutions for 2009, God knows I am the queen of lists, I got to have a list for everything. This time though I decided not to make a list because I will never get anything done from it, and I will feel bad. Case in point, last June I made a list of things I wanted to do/achieve by the end of the year. How many of those did I manage to do? None. Nada. Zip. It doesn't mean I wasted my life away doing nothing, but I didn't do anything from that list and it makes me feel like I could have done more, but didn't. So there will be no list this time. The only thing I am planning to do for 2009 is to start taking lunch with me to work. I used to do this and it worked great, but I stopped at some point and went back to eating out for lunch every day. This is not good neither healthwise nor moneywise, so for 2009 I plan on making homemade lunches every day. I even thought of using the Bento box again, which I purchased for this very purpose, it might help to make it more interesting. I hope I can keep this one resolution !

This will probably be my last post for the year. I hope everyone has a good end of year and I can't wait to see what 2009 will bring !



Since I started putting my camera on manual to take pics I found out how much more difficult it can be to take pics that are not blurred. I'm still not quite there with taking good pics but at least they're decent, kind of, and they're much better than the pics I used to take so I'm improving. Yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine that owns a huge SLR camera with all sorts of lenses and cool equipment, so needless to say he takes some really leet pics and he suggested I get a small tripod for my camera. By the end of our conversation I had ordered this Joby Gorillapod Original.It looks quite neat and just what I need, nothing complex just a little tripod to put my camera on and take pics of food I cook, because that is the only reason I'm using my camera at the moment, which by the way I am enjoying. Now let's just hope it serves it's purpose well.

Oh and I ordered it from Ebay, because that is the only logical place to buy stuff from. Seriously I think that I have just recently got addicted to Ebay. Apart from the Gorillapod I also just ordered sheets and cookie cutters, besides the other five or so items I ordered the week before as part of my new addiction. I already know what I will be ordering next too ! I know it's crazy...

Updates updates...


Behold the very exciting news that my new Random Food Blog is up and running. I have also posted my first random food since yesterday I made cookies. This is only the first post so I am still excited about this blog, we'll see how I feel about it in a month or two when probably the excitement has died down. Now wouldn't it be cool if people actually read that blog and posted their ideas/suggestions/experience. Right, but not happening. I decided that I will be posting pics of the food too, otherwise it would be kind of boring wouldn't it? See the pic I have on there of the cookies, not that bad is it ! I am being a little more adventurous with my camera and found out that if I put it on manual I can take pics that are way better. Who knew? Well I knew, and my friend has been telling me since forever that if you leave it on auto you can't expect much from a camera, but I just ignored him because I thought it was more complicated than it actually is and I don't have much patience. Now if I play with some of the settings I can at least take decent pics that don't make you want to puke your brains out. Sometimes it is good to listen to your friends.

In other news I have updated the layout for all my blogs. They are all the same but in different colors, because that's how I like it. They look pretty neat if I may say so myself. I think they are closer to looking like the 'real' blogs now. I still have to fix the Blog Archive for all of them but I just discovered that it doesn't work like it should on this blog and Book Archive, and its kind of ugly on the new Random Food Blog. I'm not really sure how it turned out the way it did so I have to look into it but right now I don't feel like wrecking my brains over it so it will have to wait a bit more. Oh and is it becoming hard to find the name you want for your blog on Blogger. I started with something completely different when I was creating the food blog and ended up with that. Not really what I had in mind but it's the best I could come up when every other name I tried has already been taken.

Why hello there !


I haven't posted anything on here in ages. In my last post I was contemplating if I should keep this blog or forget about it and just post on Posterous. As it turns out I haven't been doing that very well either. My excuse is that I took up a little job of helping my friend set up his website, but what was supposed to be a little help became creating the whole darn thing from scratch. And after the website came other things, and right when I though I was done with it he got another bright idea. Gotta love friends !

So today I was pondering this blogging business again an I decided to keep this blog, or I will be trying to because really I like writing on it. Sure I don't always have anything interesting to say but nobody really reads it so if it sucks it doesn't really matter ! That's my theory anyways.

The first thing I did was change the layout because as soon as I opened it this morning I thought "Shit that's one ugly layout." I'm not really sure what I was thinking when I made it but I thought it was pretty cool back then. In a couple of months time I will probably be thinking the same thing about this layout, but at the moment I'm liking it.

My poor book blog has also been abandoned because I have not been reading anything at all, shame on me. In fact the last book I read is the one I last posted about and that was in August ! Hopefully I will be reviving that blog soon as well. Yes the first thing to go is the layout, again what was I thinking?? I am thinking of making it similar to this one but in different shades, I like to have some coordination between my blogs. The more important thing is to start reading again, so I actually have things to post about on there.

The other thing I'm thinking about is to create another blog to post about things I cook. You must think I'm crazy right, I can't keep up with the ones I have let alone another one. True, true, but lately I have been cooking quite a lot and I think its fun to blog about it. It will be just another unread blog, there are so many of those in the world, what's another one going to do?

We shall see how this goes the second time 'round...