Barcelona !


I have been back for two days but dang I haven't had time to do anything. The few days I spent in Barcelona were great ! Thanks to the nice people at the reseller where I was doing training, I managed to see some places because when I told them it was my first time in Barcelona they really wanted to show me around. That was a major plus. Barcelona is known as the city of Gaudi, and rightly so since there are so many of his architectures. There is so much to see, I only wish I had more time ! I have to say that from the the [few] cities that I have been to in Europe, Barcelona is the one I liked the most so far and I attribute that to the fact that its a modern city but at the same time intertwined with rich cultural heritage.

I'm in the process of uploading pics to Flickr:, still got a long way to go though to filter all the pics I took. This is my favorite picture of the bunch, taken from Poble Espanyol, which is an outdoors museum representing different locations in Spain.

As usual after every business trip, I have been super busy at work but it should tone down from next week. I'm really looking forward to that so I can get back on track with everything, including my blogs.