Right now I have a dilemma, to keep this blog or not to keep this blog. Since I found out about Posterous it seems the obvious thing to do, it's just what I need, somewhere to post absolutely anything I want without having to think too much about the words. In reality I could do the same thing here on my blog, but Posterous is so much cooler (and simpler to use). Besides when I think about blogging I always think that when I post about something I need to go into more detail and not just post something completely random because, well it doesn't seem right to have a blog full of bits and pieces. That's why I'm loving Posterous because in my mind I can post about aything on there and I don't have to make it long. Is it just me that is making this distinction or is it actually like that?

I will definitely keep my book blog, but I just don't know if I will be keeping this blog too.

In other news yesterday I deleted most of the pics I had on Flickr, because once I again I thought they were total crap and they were making my Flickr account look ugly. I know I'm that unpredictable. Last weekend I got to take some pics using my friend's spiff camera, one of those big cameras with different lenses and an extra flash, I don't know anything about it except that it's a Canon and that it takes awesome pics. I actually took pics that looked nice, that had this sort of depth in them, I was thrilled that I was able to take pics like that. So I realized it's not entirely my fault that the pics I take look lifeless and dull, it's the camera too ! Except I'm not willing to spend so much money for a good camera, although it would be uber cool to have one like that. Now if I just come home one day and find a package waiting for me containing a leet camera, wouldn't that be the neatest thing? I can dream...until then my Canon PowerShot SX100 IS will have to do.



I just discovered Posterous from someone's blog and I think it's a totally rad idea. I just put up my first post on there, check it out.

Why is it so cool? Well sometimes you think about something but you don't really want to make a whole blog post about it, but you would still like to share it. Posterous is the solution. It's somewhat like Twitter but you could post anything on there. I don't use Twitter myself as I don't have friends online to keep updated of my doings, so if I did use it nobody would read it. But this Posterous thing is different in that regard. People are coming up with all sorts of things for the web these days, some I actually really like, like Posterous for instance, and some are just not for me, but these kind of sites are definitely what's in right now. A good, innovative idea is what you need.

I added a link to it on this blog, to your left side under my Blog Roll. You should really sign up and subscribe to my blog. It's extremely easy too !

Oh and I removed some of the links I had in my blog roll, namely Dooce, Blurbomat and Death by Children. Those are the more leet bloggers and I'm sure they don't need another link to their blogs, especially from a site that (probably) no one reads.