Yep once again I have decided to change the layout. It's crazy how when I make the layout I like it, and in a couple of months, weeks or even days I start hating it. This is what now, the third layout change? I think it has a lot to do with getting fed up of seeing the same thing over and over again, after a while I need something fresh. In the coming days I will change the layout for the other two blogs too, you know so everything is in sync.

I have also decided that I will go ahead with my little project of learning about new things and getting to know more about some of the people which, in some way or another, left a mark on the world. For now I will be starting with the latter to see how things go, and mainly because I already have some ideas for it whilst I need to put more thought in the other. I will be calling it the People Series and I will be posting the first one in the next one or two days. I'm really looking forward to start this, I hope the excitement doesn't die down after the first few posts, as is the case most of time.

Updating my food blog has been a bit slow lately, but that's not because I lost interest in it, far from that, but simply because I haven't been cooking anything worth mentioning the last week. Frozen food and eating out has pretty much taken over my life, but I will try to make more effort to cook. That's not just to keep up with my blog either, it generally makes me feel better when I actually cook instead of heating food in the microwave, apart from being much more satisfying.